The right online store for all needs

MyCashflow grows and evolves together with your business. You can switch plans according to your needs directly in you store’s admin panel.


Everything you need to open an online store

49/mth+ VAT 0%

30-day free trial

200 products

500Mt disk space

2 language versions


Smart search

- Search statistics

- Bulk processing orders


- Cart recovery

- Priority customer support

- Online store insurance by If

Open Basic


All necessary features for an online store with a comprehensive product range

149/mth+ VAT 0%

30-day free trial

20 000 products

50Gt disk space

10 language versions


Smart search

Search statistics

Tilausten massakäsittely


Cart recovery

Priority customer support

Online store insurance by If

Open Pro

No starting fees – 2 mths free in annual billing cycle

There are no separate fees for opening or setting up an online store, the online store is available for use basing exclusively on a fixed, monthly fee.

When setting up a store, you can choose billing cycles of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The contract period has the length of your billing period and you can terminate the service during the current billing period. With annual billing cycle (12 mths), you will receive the service for the whole year at the price of 10 months, thus saving over 16% of monthly fees.

Prices VAT 0%.

Free 30-day trial for all plans

You can test any of MyCashflow plans free of charge during the free 30-day trial period.

You can switch editions according to your needs directly in you store’s admin panel at any time, just like you can cancel your subscription and remove your store, after which you will not be billed anymore.

Unlimited product variations

The product limit applies only to products that are on sale at the same time, so you can always build a product catalog with hidden products.

Product variations allow you to create different variations of the product, for example, depending on the color, model or size of the product. The number of variations is not limited and they do not consume the product limit of your edition.

Sufficient lightning speed and reliable disk space

In a fast online store, browsing and buying products is smooth when you don’t have to wait for downloading images.

Each service plan contains enough disk space so that product images, videos, and other content used in online stores can load fast. Static files are provided to clients via a proxy server (Reverse Proxy), thanks to which the store’s content loads lightning fast.

Duplicate devices ensure reliable operation even in case of disruptions. Changes to the content of the online store are backed up every hour. In addition, backups of the entire content of the online store are created daily and can be restored upon request.

With the help of store and language versions, you can create many stores out of one – with no additional fees

You can create versions of your online store for different purposes and different customer groups.

A handy dictionary makes it possible to create more languages ​​or edit existing translations. MyCashflow supports already 18 languages:




A handy dictionary makes it also possible to create more languages ​​or edit existing translations.

In addition to localization, you can create different versions of your store for different customers. For instance, you can create a separate version for retailers with a slightly different product range and lower prices than the ones in the consumer store.

You can manage all store and language versions in the same admin panel – and at the same monthly fee.

Complete payment solution built-in

MyCashflow includes Klarna payment solution, which makes payment smooth both on computers and mobile devices.

With Klarna, your customers can pay for their purchases immediately, later or in parts. Integrated payment service includes all the most popular forms of payment without fixed costs:

k bank transfers
k credit card payments
k invoice
k installment

Klarna carries credit and fraud risk, and the seller always gets their money.

There is no monthly fee for the service, but Klarna charges an event-specific fee for its use, which varies by plan as follows:

3,49 %2,99 %2,49 %

Use of the service is optional.

Intelligent, internal search engine for easier shopping

MyCashflow's advanced, internal search feature makes it easy to find products in your online store and to boost sales. Search always produces relevant results quickly, suggests the most appropriate keywords, and, among others, lists the most popular keywords.

The search feature includes support for typing errors, syllabification and compound words, and allows search result filtering and exclusion from search result page. Using the learning algorithm, the search engine also analyzes user searches and optimizes search results according to the used search terms automatically.

Search statistics report

MyCashflow's intelligent, internal search engine collects information about your customers' searches. With this information, you can make shopping easier for your customers and increase your store’s product visibility. In the report, you will find not only the most popular keywords, but also keywords with no search results and top-selling products through the search.

The search statistics report reveals your customers’ demand, for example, as seasons change, and can tell you which products should be better promoted and which products customers expect to find. The report will thus not only show you how your store has been growing but also how you could develop your product range.

MyCashflow API – connect your online store to other information systems 

The MyCashflow API enables bidirectional data transfers between an online store and other systems. The API allows you to read and update, for example, products’ stock details and other online store information, so that changes are updated easily between systems and the information is always up to date in all the systems your business uses.

The interface based on the REST principles is clear and easy to use. It is also available in any programming language.

Digital products

With MyCashflow, you can also sell digital content such as music, PDF files, etc. You can create downloadable products and add downloadable files to standard products. Customers can download the files immediately after paying for their order.

Priority customer support

Priority customer support provides technical expertise within agreed response times. Thanks to priority, your store’s key personnel will be able to access our customer service quickly and receive technical support in all situations. Service requests from customers with Pro plan are processed first by our customer support and answered at latest within the same business day.

Online store insurance provided by If

MyCashflow Pro and Enterprise plans include an online store group insurance acquired by Pulse247 Oy from If, which helps you prepare for the risks connected with running an online store. The insurance is provided by If Vahinkovakuutusyhtiö Oy.

The insurance provides security in unexpected situations that could jeopardize the operation of an online store. If an online store is affected by data breach, a virus, malware, or a denial-of-service attack, the insurance covers:

  • the costs of identifying causes and effects,
  • the cost of data restoration,
  • the cost of reporting a data breach,
  • damages due to business interruption and
  • costs and damages caused to a third party by a data breach.

Expert assistance provided by If and their associates will help you in emergency situations 24/7 throughout the year.


Bulk order processing NEW

With bulk order processing, you can process your online store's orders much faster. It makes it possible for you to add orders to processing lists and process a list's orders all at once as well as print their order documents with a single click.

Processing lists, bulk order processing and bulk printing of order documents are available in the MyCashflow Advanced, Pro and Enterprise plans.

Free SSL/TLS encryption also for custom domains NEW

The SSL encryption protocol prevents third parties from accessing the data exchanged between your online store and its customers.

Enabling the SSL protocol in your online store creates a secure environment for making purchases and performing related actions. Encrypted connection requires a certificate, which in turn boosts the credibility of your online store significantly.

All default domains of MyCashflow online stores with the address include SSL encryption free of charge. Free SSL/TLS encryption is now also available for custom domains in the paid plans.

Cart Recovery

Reduce shopping cart abandonment by sending automated email reminders to shoppers who abandoned their shopping carts in your online store. 

The feature is included as an extension in the MyCashflow Advanced, Pro and Enterprise plans at no additional costs.