Terms and conditions of use

Updated last on 9 April 2012
This user agreement covers the use of the MyCashflow webshop software (the Service).
The service is provided by Pulse247 Oy (the Service Provider), whose business ID is 2131570-6 and whose registered office is in Kajaani, Finland.


1. The user registers to the Service at www.mycashflow.fi. After registration, a Webshop service (Webshop) will be opened in the user’s name.
2. Registration is free, and it does not obligate the User to use the Service.
3. Details required during registration include the user’s full name, a valid e-mail address, and other information. The Service Provider reserves the right to remove the Webshop if incorrect or insufficient information is provided when the shop is opened.

4. One person or company is allowed to own only one Free Webshop.
5. The Service must be opened by a person. Accounts created by ‘bots’ or by
other automatic means are not allowed.
6. A username may be used by one person only. It is not permitted to share a username between several persons. However, you may create as many usernames as is allowed in the version you choose.
7. The User is responsible for ensuring the safety of his or her password. The Service Provider accepts no liability for any damages resulting from neglect to do so.
8. The User is responsible for all expenses resulting from the use of the service directly and indirectly.
9. The User is responsible for ensuring that he or she has the internet connection, hardware and browser software required to use the Service.
10. The User is responsible for all use of the Service carried out under his or her username, even if the actions are taken by another person who has a username
for the Webshop.
11. When registering for the Service, the user subscribes to a newsletter. The
user can unsubscribe from the newsletter after logging in to the Service or via the unsubscription link in the newsletter.
12. The Service Provider agrees to handle any user and personal details with care, following good data handling practices.

Payments, refunds and version changes

1. The Service Provider invoices for the use of the service monthly according to the version chosen by the User.
2. The Free version is available for no charge, and there are no time limits for its use.

3. The User may update the version he or she is using at any time on the Service Account Page. After an update, the next invoice from the Service Provider will be according to the new version.
4. The User must pay any invoices by their due date.

The Service Provider reserves the right to freeze the Service if the User has not paid an invoice by its due date. The Service Provider also reserves the right to terminate the agreement entirely and remove all of the User’s material if the

Service Provider has not received payment within 60 days of the due date.
5. The Service Provider reserves the right to collect interest on delayed payments in accordance with the Finnish Interest Act, and to charge the valid fee for
a payment request as per the valid price list at the time. The customer is responsible for any collection charges and other legal expenses resulting from neglect to pay.
6. If changes are made to the invoicing details, the User must supply the Service with the valid information without delay.
7. No refund is given for incomplete months, downgrades or months during which the service is not used.

Coming into effect, changes and cancellation

1. The agreement takes effect when the User opens a Webshop.
2. The User is responsible for the proper cancellation of the Service. The Service cannot be cancelled via telephone, letter or e-mail. The User may cancel the Service at any time by selecting Peru tili (Cancel Account) on his or her Tili (Account) page.
3. When the Service is cancelled, all of the User’s material will be removed from the Service Provider’s servers.
4. No further invoices will be sent for the Service after it is cancelled, but the User must pay any monthly fees invoiced earlier.
5. This agreement is valid until further notice. Either party may cancel the agreement without giving a period of notice.
6. The User is entitled to receive an identical copy of his or her database for a fee.
7. The Service Provider has the right to remove a user from the Service if said user violates this agreement, the law, or good practice.

Contents of the Webshop and business operations

1. The Service Provider is not party to trading; it only provides the User with the Service.
2. The User is responsible for all business operations taking place via the Webshop.

3. The User is responsible for all contents of the Webshop and for ensuring that
any published material is in accordance with Finnish laws and regulations imposed
by authorities, and that the material is appropriate. The material may not violate
the copyrights of any third parties. The User saves the material in the Service Provider’s Service at his or her own risk.
4. The Service Provider does not check the content delivered to the Service prior
to publication, but it has the right (yet no obligation) to prevent or remove any
content that violates the condition above.

General terms

1. The Service Provider aims to ensure faultless operation of the service. The repair of any faults will begin as soon as possible, however, within working and office hours.
2. The Service Provider is not obliged to compensate the User for any direct or indirect expenses resulting from repair work.

3. The Service Provider is responsible for damages that the User suffers because

of the Service Provider’s own actions. The Service Provider’s responsibility is always limited to a sum equivalent to one month’s service fee. The compensation will be given as a period during which use of the Service is free.

4. The User is liable to compensate any expenses incurred to the Service Provider or any third parties as a result of abuse by the User. The User absolves the Service Provider and its employees from any consequences of the User’s actions. 5. The User is not allowed to use the Service Provider’s systems for direct marketing via a data network without the recipients’ permission.

6. The Service Provider reserves the right to technically prevent any operations that are contrary to this agreement.
7. The User is obligated to follow notices related to the service and to take action accordingly, if necessary. Notices are available at 
www.mycashflow.fi and in the service.

8. The User uses the service at his or her own risk. The Service is provided as is. 9. The Service Provider makes no guarantees that
– the Service meets your specific needs
– the Service is uninterrupted, always available, or completely safe and faultless – all faults in the service will be repaired

10. Technical support is available to paying customers only and only via e-mail. 11. The User understands that the Service Provider uses third parties in order to provide the required hardware, software, internet connections, disk space, and other technologies.

12. The User is not allowed to store viruses, worms or malware in the Service. 13. If the User’s traffic amount significantly exceeds the average amount (as determined by the Service Provider), the Service Provider has the right to limit the amount of traffic in the Service until the traffic problem has been resolved. 14. The Service is protected by copyright in accordance with Finnish laws.

15. The Service Provider has the unlimited right to change and develop the service without giving prior notice. By continuing to use the Service, the User accepts any changes.
16. The Service Provider reserves the right to change these agreement terms unilaterally, by informing the user by e-mail or via the Service.

Any changes take immediate effect. The user can accept the changes by continuing to use the Service, or reject them by cancelling his or her agreement.

Other terms

1. The parties agree to keep confidential any material and information they receive from each other.
2. The Service Provider reserves the right to cancel the Service with immediate effect if the User violates the agreement terms or if the production of the Service is prevented because of external factors. Such factors include regulations set by the authorities and forces majeures.
3. The User has no right to transfer the agreement to a third party, but the Service Provider has the right to do so.
4. The laws of Finland are applied to this agreement, and the agreement is interpreted in accordance with the laws of Finland.
5. Should any passage in the agreement prove invalid or void, this has no effect on the enforceability of the agreement in other respects.
6. Any disputes between the Service Provider and the user will first and foremost be reconciled with amicable negotiations. If the parties cannot be reconciled, the

primary forum for solving the matter will be the Kajaani District Court.